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Posted on: July 11, 2009 8:02 pm

The NHL salary cap

Well everyone i think has come to the same conclusion...

The salary cap sucks.

Well it mostly sucks. About 80% suck.

I suppose i will start off with why i think it is beneficial: It keeps alot of smaller teams in contention. Teams with huge salaries cannot monopolize star players like they used to (see my beloved Red Wings circa 02). It makes owners feel nice that they arent burdoned with the spend too much and you might get in financial trouble or spend to little and piss off your fanbase issues.

Ok now why it sucks:

The NHL runs a much higher risk of losing players to their competition (KHL, swedish elite, etc) due to teams being so tight against the cap noone can offer competitive contracts. The free angent players are also risking alot too going on the FA market. How long should they wait to sign? If you dont wait long enough you might lose out on the bargaining dollars. You wait too long and noone can afford to pay what you want. Its quite the dillema.

Now i like the idea and principles of a cap. But i wish it was a soft cap that teams could work slightly above for a price to be paid in revenue sharing or something. Kind of like a luxury tax.

I know noone cares i just felt like killing time at work. Thanks for reading if you make it this far.
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