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why i root for certain teams

Well lately a few of my posts have been crushed and dismissed because people assume i am a bandwagon fan. So i figured maybe i would try to explain how i became a fan of the teams i root for. We will start out with the one that seems most out of place.

I root for the Atlanta Braves. I live in michigan. doesnt make sense right? Well when i was 7 or so my little league team was called... you guessed it... the braves. immediately i started following baseball with my dads help. He asked who i liked most it was Atlanta. And for a brief period when i was 9 it was a little bit of the expo's because of their cool colored unis. But now i have realized my mistake and i am 100% braves.

The next team is the packers. This one is easy. I was born and raised in the UP. The UP is not lions country. It is packer country. My friends liked the packers so i liked the packers. As i grew older and learned of their history i liked them more and more. Now i try to make it across the lake every year for a game. We will see if it works out this year.

The Red wings. again i was born in the UP during the Red Wing/ north stars rivalry. Stevie Y was my hero growing up playing hockey. The red wings are by far my favorite team and its also the forum i visit most often.

The pistons i havent followed very closely since grant hill left the team. I liked the pistons mostly because i never liked jordan. Who beat him early in his career? Yep.. the pistons. Now... i dont really care about the NBA.

Finally UM. I follow michigan because my grandparents met there and its all they talked about all through my childhood. So it is the team i paid attention to. I graduated from central michigan and i would put them as my favorite because i follow the team closer than i do UM but there arent many CMU fans to talk to on CBS.

So there you have it.

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Day Two:

 Well my rep went up a whole point overnight after i started this thing so i suppose thats good news. On to the days sports.

UM mens basketball lost to Illinois. The Illini have a good squad this year. What made the win even more impressive is they were without their team "leader". Hopefully Michigan has done enough to go dancing.

MSU beat up on Minnesota. No suprises there. MSU is a lock for a 2 seed and a dark horse for a 1. Depends on how the dice fall for that 1 seed. NC will have to lose big tomorrow in the ACC tourney i think as will louisville.

UM mens hockey beat WMU today to take a 1-0 series lead over WMU in a best of 3. I see UM getting to the frozen four this year. If they get a 1 seed in the NCAAs they are almost a lock.

The pistons won in OT tonight also. HUGE block by Maxiell to cover his butt for not boxing out in the final seconds. Nail biter there. The whole are we better without AI debate... yeah i have no idea. AI is an insane talent but destroys teams and i dont think people play as hard when he is out there. I would rather he never come to detroit but hey, you have to make it work somehow. Curry seems to be a bit shell shocked this year when it comes to being a HC. We will see if Detroit can improve their playoff seeding. You dont want to be a 7 or 8 seed this year! Too much power at the top.

Red Wings play a dreaded saturday game. They have not gone well the past few saturdays. I have the day off so i get to watch and see what happens. Hossa should be back. I dont know what that will do to shore up the seive that our D/goaltending has bcome.

Drive safe everyone!


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