Posted on: April 8, 2009 3:12 am

why i root for certain teams

Well lately a few of my posts have been crushed and dismissed because people assume i am a bandwagon fan. So i figured maybe i would try to explain how i became a fan of the teams i root for. We will start out with the one that seems most out of place.

I root for the Atlanta Braves. I live in michigan. doesnt make sense right? Well when i was 7 or so my little league team was called... you guessed it... the braves. immediately i started following baseball with my dads help. He asked who i liked most it was Atlanta. And for a brief period when i was 9 it was a little bit of the expo's because of their cool colored unis. But now i have realized my mistake and i am 100% braves.

The next team is the packers. This one is easy. I was born and raised in the UP. The UP is not lions country. It is packer country. My friends liked the packers so i liked the packers. As i grew older and learned of their history i liked them more and more. Now i try to make it across the lake every year for a game. We will see if it works out this year.

The Red wings. again i was born in the UP during the Red Wing/ north stars rivalry. Stevie Y was my hero growing up playing hockey. The red wings are by far my favorite team and its also the forum i visit most often.

The pistons i havent followed very closely since grant hill left the team. I liked the pistons mostly because i never liked jordan. Who beat him early in his career? Yep.. the pistons. Now... i dont really care about the NBA.

Finally UM. I follow michigan because my grandparents met there and its all they talked about all through my childhood. So it is the team i paid attention to. I graduated from central michigan and i would put them as my favorite because i follow the team closer than i do UM but there arent many CMU fans to talk to on CBS.

So there you have it.

Posted on: March 12, 2009 8:22 pm

Day one: A young man's quest...

 To regain his Superstar status! Haha.

Now i know 90% of the CBSsports site is up in arms about the new policies being implemented. To be honest i didnt much care. Until i was dropped to AS status due to my value plummeting. Why did it die by 65 points? Who knows. I dont care. I just know if i start a blog maybe the rating will improve. At the same time i might be able to waste some valuable time at work. The casino business is far less exciting than you would think.

Tonight i am keeping an eye on the Red Wings game. 28 shots in the first period for detroit and only 2 goals. Why were there 28 shots you may ask. That would be due to the 7 penaties taken by the flames. 3 of which were majors. That shotting % has to improve guys.

Another note. Good job Michigan mens BBall team. Beat Iowa. Woooooo.

MSU looks very strong going into the big dance. Look for them to make alot of noise they have a solid group.

Michigan Ice hockey plays western this weekend. WMU could give the wolverines some trouble but i dont expect an upset.

 Oh how could i forget. UM got a verbal commitment from the top QB in the state for 2010. Interesting how everyone thought MSU would dominate in state recruiting from here on out. Let the battle begin!

Drive safe everyone!

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